We Are Just For Show.

So I apologize for not being able to post this week but here are all the drawings I was able to complete. Its been a crazy week getting the Journalfest website done and prepping for Artfest. As soon as I post this Im turning off my computer and will be on the road, see you all next Monday!

Steffan Was A Stiff Fellow.

It Was Their Journey, No One Else's.

Tom Stared In Wonderment.

"Does This Fish Taste Funny To You?"

Mr. Balloon Yearned For Freedom.


Sometimes It Just Takes Getting To Know A Person, Although Henlert Was A Fairly Strange One.

I just wanted to let everyone know that this is my last week before Artfest and have a fully packed schedule so my posts may be timed a little sporadic. Also I will be at Artfest from March 31st through April 6th teaching at this event so I will not be posting during those dates. Thanks for everyone's patience!


Lil' topia


Salad I Say.



The Man in the Middle Wore a Suit.

I've been super busy the past couple days, so I've posted both yesterday and today's drawings.

Cynthia Was the Biggest Flirt Around.


Krisbutra Was Envious Of All The Other Children.

Ok so this ones for yesterday but I could not get Blogger to post it for some reason. I will be posting today's later on.


If Only Geoffrey Had Come.

Thank you for everyone's patience. I finally received my new modem last night and have internet again! I did end up taking this time as a much needed break, but I feel fresh and excited about the new drawings that are to come.


no Internet!

Hi everyone! For some reason my internet went down today and I have to wait till Thursday till I get it back. Unfortunately that means no posts for a few days, I'm on my iphone right now. I promise I'll post all the missing days when I finally can!