New Blog Address!

Hi Everyone. Just want to let you know that I moved my blog to Tiphoni.blogspot.com. I am combining both "My Current Happenings" and "Spontaneous Bread" blogs so I can handle them better and post more often. Love to see you over there!


My Stamps Now on Teeshamoore.com!

I will be posting a new drawing soon but I was excited to tell everyone that I set up "Tiphoni's Corner" on Teeshamoore.com. So far I have only one of my 3 line's up but as soon as I find a few spare moments in between the Journalfest site and getting ready for Artfest I will get my other two lines up. Also be watching for my prints, zines and even possibly some one of a kind items for sale. I will also be creating a brand new line of stamps for Artfest. Hope you guys enjoy and I would love any feedback on what you might like to see from me in the future! Here's a direct link:http://www.teeshaslandofodd.com/php/sunshop/index.php?l=product_list&c=34

p.s. If you place an order and are a reader of my blog let me know in the order comments section and I will throw in a secret surprise as a little thank you for supporting my blog!



"Charlie You Ok?"

The Came Every Tuesday


Cirque Cirque!

He's Watching You.


"Welcome to Town!"



Bicycle Bert Drives By Wishing You Birthday Greetings And Then Runs Away Before You Can Eat Him!

It is my Great Grandma's birthday today so I drew this for her.


The Traveling Cirque


Happy New Decade!

Sorry for the length of my absence, but I'm back and ready to start my blog again! I'm going to try and do a drawing a day again but so I don't get discouraged from posting I may take breaks on occasion.


Charlie's Eternal Nightmare.

I wanted to let everyone know that I have put the first 30 drawings together into issue #1 of the Spontaneous Bread zine. It is available for purchase on my etsy site: www.tiphoni.etsy.com for $10. I will be creating a new issue for sale every "month" (or technically every 30 drawings).


Berta Had A One Track Mind.



Limburger Couldn't Believe He Forgot His Camera.

I'm back! This have been the craziest past few weeks but I'll be posting regularly again from now on out. Thanks for waiting!


We Are Just For Show.

So I apologize for not being able to post this week but here are all the drawings I was able to complete. Its been a crazy week getting the Journalfest website done and prepping for Artfest. As soon as I post this Im turning off my computer and will be on the road, see you all next Monday!

Steffan Was A Stiff Fellow.

It Was Their Journey, No One Else's.

Tom Stared In Wonderment.

"Does This Fish Taste Funny To You?"

Mr. Balloon Yearned For Freedom.


Sometimes It Just Takes Getting To Know A Person, Although Henlert Was A Fairly Strange One.

I just wanted to let everyone know that this is my last week before Artfest and have a fully packed schedule so my posts may be timed a little sporadic. Also I will be at Artfest from March 31st through April 6th teaching at this event so I will not be posting during those dates. Thanks for everyone's patience!